Welcome to our page about the long term effect of Gastric Bypass.

We, Colette and Julie, are starting this blog to bring awareness to the issues with health and happiness people experience after having gastric bypass surgery. We know what it is like to battle weight for a lifetime, to come from generations of fat people. To be the fat girls, the one not picked for teams. To feel like we have less value are less beautiful, and less worthy of being loved, because we are fat. We know what it feels like to believe gastric bypass surgery is the answer to so many problems, and then to be crushed when life resumes, weight is regained, relationships harmed or lost and health irreparably damaged. This is our experience with the after effects of gastric bypass – weight regain, mal-absorption, nerve damage, tooth damage, and depression. And yet there is hope. We aim to cling to that hope, and bring it to others.

Best to you and yours,

Julie and Colette